Volunteer Job Descriptions

Below are some basic job descriptions for various volunteer positions in the Tenth & Broad Children's Ministry. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email Greg Stanford our children's minister. All adults working in our children's ministry must have a volunteer application and background check on file.



Bible Class Teacher

Using material provided, teacher get to know their students and teach Bible lessons while providing a safe, loving environment to learn in. One of the most important parts of being a children's teacher is living out daily what you teach them in the classroom.


Bible Class Assistant

Assistants help class room teachers with lessons and activities. They also serve as "extra-hands" for crafts and helping younger students with reading and writing. Assistant teachers will be invited to fill in when the teacher is going to be out.


Attended Nursery Worker

Our Attended Nursery meets during the 9:30 AM Worship time and is available to parents with children younger than 2 years old.

Nursery workers must be 18 years old or older (younger students may assist adults in the nursery if supervised).


Preschool Station Coordinator

This volunteer position will be the point person for Preschool Station. They will help communicate with teams, help decide on curriculum, and be sure teams are in place. The person in this position will need to be a regular, consistent attender on Sunday mornings. This is the not the default person to fill in when a team member is out or can't serve. They may choose to serve on a team, but their priority is coordinating.


Preschool Station Team Member

Team members will present the Bible story, help with guided play and possible puppet skits. Bathroom visits will need to be handled by adults 18 years and older. Curriculum will be available a week in advance so supplies can be gathered or requested if unavailable in the Art room, and activities can be decided on.


Our Preschool Station Teams will serve based on the number of teams available. Our goal is eight teams, which would have you serving once every two months. Preschool Station teams must include at least one adult, preferable two, in addition to other helpers. 5th Graders and older may serve on a team.



Kid Zone Team Members

    Tappers - Tappers sit with the children and help keep them focused on what's happening. They will also make sure children need to use the restroom go and return.

     Backstage Help - Help coordinate those serving on the Kid Zone team. Helping with costumes, props, and keeping up with the script and where each person should be when it's "their turn."

    Audio/Video Tech - AV includes running our media computer during the service. We use a program called MediaShout which can easily be learned. AV Techs should have basic computer skills. A audio mixer controls our microphones. AV Techs will use the mixer to turn microphones on and off and adjust the volume.

     Puppeteer - Will use a variety of puppets and props to help tell the Bible story and teach the lesson. Self-control is an important characteristic for a puppeteer. Puppeteers must be able to raise their hand over their heads for a couple of minutes at a time and read their lines smoothly. Scripts usually sent out on Thursdays.

     Actor/Actress - Through the use of drama we will tell Bible stories and make applications. Actors/actresses may be required to wear costumes, wigs, beard and use props. Lines do not need to be memorized, but should be read through enough that you know what's going on and what your part involves.


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