If you are looking for something to do for others during the Christmas holidays, here are a couple of ways you can touch the lives of a Child, in the name of Christ.


M.A.G.I. Project - Pick up a MAGI box and fill it full of goodies for a child (you choose a boy or a girl and the age to buy for). Return the box by Dec. 13, with $7.00 for shipping and the collected boxes will be give to children in  this Christmas. This is a great project to do individually or as a family. Fill a box together or let each member have their own box. Boxes are available in the Atrium. DEADLINE: Dec. 1st.





















Socks & Underwear Drive - Each year we gather donated socks and underwear at our All Church Christmas Party for the kids in need at our adopted school, Southern Hills Elementary. This year the school has started a PreKindergarten program and could really benefit from smaller sizes (like 4T-5T) along with the bigger sizes. These are a great benefit for the school when they find kids who through their poverty don't have any, or with accidents from younger ages. PARTY: Dec. 8th



Christmas on the Hills - we will be helping students from our Adopted School, Southern Hills Elementary who will receive little to no gifts for Christmas this year. Beginning in December, you can pick up a paper tag listing a specific item you can buy for a specific child. You can take one or more tags. If you'd like to get your children involved, help them take a tag and then go shopping for the gift to give the child. DEADLINE: coming soon.

In 2018, we were able to help a young boy (and his parents) who lost all of his things in an apartment fire!