Sunday Morning Bible Class - Spring -2019

9:00 AM to 9:45 AM



Our Sunday morning children's classes are focused on helping lay Biblical foundation through both Bible knowledge and application. We strive to use a variety of learning styles as we teach.


There are three bells that ring on Sunday morning. The first bell at 9:00 AM lets us know that classes are starting. The second bell rings at 9:40 AM and this is to signal families of nursery age and preschool to pick up their child from the class room. The last bell rings at 9:45 AM and is a general dismissal for all other classes.


Birth-16 Months Nursery


Nursery #1


16-24 Months Nursery

Teacher: Betty Parks & Sandi Brown

Nursery #2


2 & 3 Year Olds

Teacher:  Layai Toney

Room 103



Teacher: Christina Honig

Room 101


1st & 3rd Grade

Teacher: Laura Burnam

Room 202


4th - 6th Grade

Teacher: Mary Edwards

Room 203