Part 1

Four weeks of home devotions. Including a short, fun video; a couple of discussion questions the video brings up and then several activities to choose from. You can do one a week, several a week or all of them. You decide what works best for your family! (If you pick up a physical kit from he church, some of the items needed for these activities will be included.)

Part 2

A fun, active, live event at Tenth & Broad in December (date coming soon). There will be Christmas activities, family based games and activities and much more! Oh, and of course snacks!

Volunteer Opportunities:

There are several volunteer roles that need to be filled including help building the Family Kits, Event promotion, decorating for the event, event refreshments, and more. Use the form below to let us know you’d like to be involved and we’ll send you a list of different ways you could help from pre-December preps to help with the live event.