Welcome to our new tnbkids, children’s ministry website. This is a brand new build after nearly two decades of our old site. Please be patient as we get it expanded and populated. I’m excited for the possibilities this site can be as a resource for families as they raise their children in the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you see something that needs to be updated or amended or you just have an idea of an addition that would be helpful, please drop me a note.

Check back regularly for updates, plus we keep links to our most recent kids video content on here. I am playing with the idea of creating fun and engaging audio dramas…but that has yet to be decided. Lots going on right now.

Currently I am producing two videos per week, a Wednesday Bible story using puppets and a digital version of our K-4th grade Children’s Church. We also have our live Kid Zone on Sundays at 10:00 AM using lots of tools like puppets, drama, Gospel illusions, video and more. Our digital and live Kid Zones are very similar, but often have a few different elements.